Monday, November 12, 2007

Oct 12 Muley hunting Chad's 4 pt and Kim's 3 pt

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Here is the hunt.
Great weekend on the East side of WA.
Daniels first big game with a bear and a buck on the same day.
Mikes awesome clean 4x with eye gaurds.
Caleb has a tweety bird in there somewhere if you look close enough.
My mass and trash buck.
No big ones got away this time.

First day we battled some big.......really big waves in the smoker craft and
saw 40 deer or so but no legal bucks.
We snuck up on a very nice buck that turned out to be a big 2 pt that
someone else had shot in its bed and left it.
We were hunting in a 3pt or better unit.

2nd day we hunted hard saw a cow and calf moose, heard a bull bugle, saw a
bunck of turkeys and a lot of deer but no shooter bucks.

Day 3 and last day of the season. We tried a new spot and I shot mine at
first light.
We stashed him and continued on. Next we found Mike's big buck and
scrambled to get in position and after a couple minutes of intense
Conversation, mostly on my part because no one was shooting, Mike finally
bagged him.
Mike was waiting for Daniel and Daniel wasn't getting a good position on the
steep rocky outcropping we were on.

2dwn one to go.

Next we found a canyon to glass and imediately saw a bear and as we worked
in to him saw another closer to us that was smaller.
Daniel and I went after the bigger one and left mike and Caleb to keep
After he finally moved into a clear spot in the brush I bleated at him and
he stopped and Daniel punched him throught the heart at 375 yrds.
He went down in 25 yds or so and we watched him for a bit then went up to
5 ft from nose to tail with big paws and a big head and approx 200# after we
gutted him.
It was quite an ordeal getting him down the hill with out dragging him. He
was on a hillside that was pretty steep and we didn't want to drag his fur
off and we didn't want to roll him and break his teeth up on the rocks so we
rigged a pole through his legs and hauled him down with the pole on our

That was a bonus.
It was starting to get dusky so we loaded up the bear and Mikes deer and
started to motor back to the launch.
As we were chugging along I was glassing the hill sides and found some deer
to get a closer look at.
We beached the boat and went up the hill to find close to a dozen does and a
little buck and then Daniels nice 3x4.
We watched him for a while to make sure he was legal and then belly crawled
up to some rocks to shoot off.
Daniel connected with him and he went down right away.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Alaskan Seekins first ATV

Monday, March 05, 2007

This is dad's kill from his Kansas hunt. He did a hunting retreat out there w quite a few other Christians. had a great time hunting and studying. This rack is very unique. around 19 points with no spread to speak of. Grandpa also got a nice whitetail and i hope to have that added to the site soon. The mount is on a block of cherry I carved w a chainsaw. I t makes the mount kind of mean looking. Posted by Picasa

This is my bow kill from the fall of 2001. It took me a while to finally get it mounted. I carved the mount from a cherry wood stump w a chainsaw. Not a very big rack but it was a great shot on a foggy day about 20 yards broadside. 1 or 2 miles from the airport on the approach and about 80 yds from I75. noisy. the deer ran about 100 yards total and dropped dead at about 70 yds from the stand. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 02, 2006